Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Reason For This Blog

When the Mets traded Scott Kazmir on July 30, 2004, most Met fans were in complete shock. The one player the organization deemed “untouchable” was now gone. A young prospect anointed as the next Dwight Gooden was jettisoned from our team. And not only was he traded – he was given away for another pitcher who had only expansion to thank for his Major League job. New York, please meet Victor Zambrano.

As bad as the trade seemed on that day, it has only grown worse since. Zambrano has spent his first 22 months in the Big Apple either on the disabled list or walking the ballpark, while Kazmir has rapidly blossomed into what appears to be a (not too distant) future Cy Young Candidate.

We are two Met fans, “K for Keith, not Kazmir” and “Mackey” who have been spending far too much time discussing this trade lately. As K recently said, “I think about it three times a day, at least, and I know it’s not healthy.” And he’s right. It is not healthy. Mackey’s initial reaction to the trade was utter disbelief, which turned into rage once he realized the Mets were receiving Victor and not Carlos Zambrano for their most prized possession. So rather than spend anymore time discussing it with one another, which only succeeds in getting both of us angry, we will start posting our thoughts on Scott Kazmir, Victor Zambrano, Jim Duquette (Mets GM who oversaw the trade), Rick Peterson (Mets pitching coach), and anyone or anything else involved in this debacle.

Think of it as a therapeutic exercise.

We are assuming that if you are reading this you are a baseball fan. If not, here are some links to quickly bring you up to speed on who these people are and why this trade may or may not have gone down.

This will tell you how good Scott Kazmir is.

This will tell you how bad Victor Zambrano is.

Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News excerpts a section of his book “Pedro, Carlos, and Omar” which deals with some alleged reasons for this trade. This is a great read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindsiht on trades is a losing proposition. However, as a TB fan we were very excited about the trade and are glad to see Kazmir now chasing the league leaders in wins, K's, and era. Hope he tows the rubber at the All-Star game. Thanks New York!

10:24 AM  

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