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Hey Lee Jenkins - Thanks for gouging my eye balls!

So, it's Wednesday morning and I'm doing my daily internet thing and checking out pictures of Lastings Milledge's first performance as a Met when Lee Jenkins of the New York Times has to freaking ruin the day with this Kazmir BS. What the F Lee?

Why on the day that Mets fans should be happy about their latest prospect playing in his first major league ball game do you need to write an article titled, "Kazmir deal is a debt the mets still owe."

Some quotes:
  • Four out of every five days, the Mets are a resurgent franchise, flush with charismatic leaders and bankable stars, hailed for their progressive thinking and bold strategy. But on the fifth day, when Scott Kazmir takes the mound for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, everything the Mets have accomplished comes temporarily undone. No longer are they the team that leads the National League East. They are only the team that traded Kazmir for damaged goods named Víctor Zambrano.
4/5 days? Who isn't thinking about this trade daily? The days Kazmir pitches are a relief. I don't have to wonder what he's doing. The bottom line clearly will say: W, Kazmir, 8IP, 9K,
  • maybe it really was their worst deal since they sent Nolan Ryan to the Angels for Jim Fregosi in 1971.
If Kazmir throws 7 no-hitters and the Mets still don't have any by the time his career is done then my hand goes straight into the blender.
  • "We had too many cooks in the kitchen," said Jim Duquette, then the Mets' general manager, now the vice president for baseball operations of the Baltimore Orioles. "In that situation, if someone disagrees, he might not speak up. The loudest voices are the ones that get heard. It does become sort of like a mob mentality."
Isn't hindsight great. Too many cooks in the kitchen - that's your excuse? really Jim?
  • They overhauled their medical staff and cut short a lucrative contract with the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases, in part because team doctors had prematurely signed off on the Kazmir trade.
-This really pissed me off. He's talking about the Dr. that just did my shoulder surgery and I think he was great. So a double FU to Lee Jenkins for throwing that in the article
  • Duquette said he asked the commissioner's office if there were grounds to file a grievance against the Devil Rays. Wilpon said he asked the commissioner's office if the Mets had any recourse. They were told that the problem had to be resolved between the teams. The Mets could blame the Devil Rays for not supplying more comprehensive medical reports, but then they would also have to blame their own doctors for accepting limited reports.

- If I ever go to a Devil Rays game... Lets just say they'll have a few extra upper deckers that day... if you know what I mean

  • But Kazmir is the rare young pitcher whose confidence could not be shaken. He developed as rapidly in the major leagues as he did in the minors, even with the New York metropolitan area eyeing him from afar. He has proven, over and over again, that he could have handled the pressure of a big market.
  • "It wasn't even fair," said catcher Josh Paul of the Devil Rays. "I would put down my glove and the ball would go exactly where I wanted it."
Maybe its not Kazmir... maybe there is something going on with a magnet and Josh Paul's glove? Anyone know how he pitches with other catchers?
  • The franchise may never fully recover from that date. It has become part of Mets' lore, right along with 1986 and 1969. When Kazmir is asked about New York's preoccupation with him, he tries not to touch it.
Part of the Mets Lore? Lore is not something like trading Kazmir... lore is Enrique Iglesias' mole or Julio Igleasias' voice... not this crap.

All of this leaves me to ponder. What will makeup for this trade? Originally it was seeing Zambrano flourish as a Met but I think that wish is pretty much gone.
Is it getting Kazmir back as a free agent?
Is it Kazmir getting hurt? (never a good thing)
Any suggestions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding breakdown analysis by "Dr. K" of Lee Jenkins' Mets Op-Ed piece in the 5-31 edition of the NYT.

From what I understand, Dr. K's doctor did a fine job patching his bum shoulder, and if nothing else, it brought us one of the Top 5 beards of all-time.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow Kazmir Worshippers,

Nice job on the Kazmir Blog. Not sure if you noticed yet, but the good people over at Deadspin noticed your fine work...and the critics are RAVING!

Said metschick79: "I am not the average Mets fan, so I have come to the conclusion that there's nothing else for me to do but stop dwelling on this trade. It was awful then, it's awful now, that's never going to change.

Good for Kazmir, he is really blossoming into a true ace. He deserves to start the All Star Game. I just wish the fools on WFAN would LET IT GO.

Good article about the Kazmir/Zambrano trade in the NY Times today, about how that trade forced the revamping and stream-lining of the Mets front office.

Said silver lining: "A GM named Duquette is the sports equivalent of an English king named John.

And now that I have gone so pompously highbrow, I'm going to smack myself in the face and call myself a fag."

And of course, Slick Bomb...

I love it. No longer am I (and fellow Yankee fans/Mets haters) forced to slipping in Kazmir-Zambrano posts on various threads across the Internet. Now Deadspin has made this abomination of a trade mainstream by posting it front and center on their page! What could make this any better? Hmmm... how about psoting Kazmir's latest and greatest starts, AKA the Seattle game:

7.0 3 H 0 ER 9 K

The game against the World Champion White Sox:

7.0 IP 5 H 1 ER 8 K

Or my persoal favorite, the one against the Mets NL East rival, the Florida Marlins!

8.0 IP 4 H 0 ER 11K

Learn to love it, Mets fans. I will rub this in until the day I die.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

hi fellas,
Good work. what some fans don't realize is that we need to keep this alive. Even thought the mets have cleaned house since then, we must never forget july 30 2004, lest history repeat itself.

I would suggest a future topic: ruminating over the possiblilty of re-signing the guy, and the establishment of a letter writing campaign to get him back!! Let management know we want this wrong righted--K*zmir will not stay a D-Ray, so it's never too early to start! Who wants him more than us? Who's got more cheeze than us? Why not?

I can't believe he's left handed to boot. bawawawawwawawawawaw...

8:37 AM  
Anonymous tim in tampa said...

I love this blog!!!

(wearing my Kazmir jersey, listening to the Rays)

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing to remember is Kazmir deal would have meant no Omar, no Pedro, no Beltran, no Delgado.......etc.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kazmir is the latest in a long tradition where you should cringe when the Mets make trades...

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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