Monday, May 22, 2006

And Take That!

I know we're beyond the point of making excuses for his excellence based on the match-up, but Kazmir looking like a stud against the Marlins shouldn't make you hop in the bath holding the hairdryer just yet. Both Jeff Suppan and Jorge Sosa have looked all-world against Uncle Girardi's squad in the past two weeks as well.

What concerns me more about Kazmir right now is his impeccable timing in the past few weeks. Zambrano hurts his arm, learns he needs Tommy John surgery, he's done for the year, and let's face it, his Mets career is likely over. So for the next few days, all the talk about the Mets centered on two topics.

  1. The present issue of their starting rotation being an absolute mess because both Jose Lima and Jeremei Gonzalez were now playing prominent roles in it.
  2. The past issue of what a horrendous move it was getting Zambrano.

While fans and media were focused on these two miserable items, Kazmir goes out and throws seven innings of scoreless ball, giving up only three hits and one walk - while striking out nine. Subtle reminder of how our rotation would be in the complete opposite of trouble if he were in it instead of Zambrano.

Then we have yesterday...every Met fan spent the day looking like they had been tricked into eating a tofu burger at a barbecue thanks to Billy Wagner's inability to pitch, Willie Randolph's inability to judge his players, and Rick Peterson's inability to do just about everything. It was one of the worst days to be a Mets fan. I don't feel that is being overstating. The worst Jerry. The worst! The day was so painful not only because of the Saturday afternoon fiasco, but also because the team didn't play until the next night. There was no new game to take your mind off the old loss. We were forced to stew in our anger and disappointment for 28 hours.

And what does Scotty KKKKKKKKKKK (yeah, that's right 11!) do to help us with our pain? He does this. I'm beginning to think he not only hates the Mets organization for trading, but that he hates all Met fans too. As if he needs to torture us with his greatness to prove a point.


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